LOFT  2S TT761838 LOFT  2S TT761838 LOFT  2S TT761838 LOFT  2S TT761838
LOFT  2S TT761838
LOFT  2S TT761838
LOFT  2S TT761838
LOFT  2S TT761838

LOFT 2S TT761838

product.code: TT7618

Inspired by classic British breakfastware, the Loft toaster is an eye-catching addition to any kitchen countertop. Its timeless fluted design, reminiscent of traditional ceramic ware, is updated with a modern touch and refined chrome-plated accents. Plus its range of dedicated features ensure perfectly browned toast, convenient use and easy clean-up.


LOFT  2S TT761838 LOFT 2S TT761838


Tefal Loft 2-slot toaster: Start your morning in style

Start your morning in style, with a breakfast range that elevates your countertop with a classic touch. The Loft toaster's stunning fluted lines, inspired by traditional British ceramic ware, are elegantly combined with modern chrome-plated accents for a timeless design that looks great in any kitchen. Featuring 7 browning levels, this original toaster ensures perfectly browned toast, customized to every taste. At the same time, its 2 extra-wide slots accommodate thick and thin slices alike, while three dedicated functions with LED indicators provide added ease of use: Stop, to immediately stop the toasting cycle; Defrost, to toast frozen bread; and to Reheat, to heat previously toasted bread. Rounding it all off is a high-lift lever to easily remove even the smallest pieces and a convenient removable crumb tray for fast, simple clean-up.